An amazing birthday

Friday night was amazing, and a true testament to the awesomeness of having friends. It took weeks of planning, but it all came together in a few hours to become a truly cool birthday party.

Shortly after 6pm, we started a scavenger hunt. There were two teams of 5. Each team had one hour to get as many items on the list as possible. Items had varying point values based on difficulty. We were to take photographs of the items or the event and return back for scoring. My team stayed together while the other team split up into two to divide and conquer. We started off strong, scoring a lot of points by peeing on the fire hydrant just outside the house. We moved on to purchasing a flavored condom at a porn store. After that we headed to Target to do a handstand, buy a rubber ducky, find the word Fist in a spanish dictionary, and get pushed 20 yards in a shopping cart. Then we moved on to the mall, where we got our sleep number, put on an apron from Starbucks, put one foot in the bathroom of the opposite sex, drink a shot of Tequila, get someone’s phone number, and find a license plate with the letters N and C. Then it was off to a gas station to find twinkies and a house listing with a value over $200,000. We headed back to the house, taking a picture of KFC on the way, finishing off with a mooning, stuffing 3 twinkies in my mouth, and getting a picture of someone in a bathtub. We did very well in just an hour and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we lost by just a few points. Somehow, though the other team split up and was able to do more, we still almost tied. The winners got movie tickets and we got two-dollar bills. The pictures are hilarious, and it was a lot of fun.

Then we went out to dinner at a tiny place. The 16 of us took over 2/3 of the restaurant. The food was good, though. And I got some great presents, like a game cube with some controllers and Double Dash! I hooked it up to my projector at home. It’s amazing. We also got cupcakes, which had decorations on top that looked like snowmen fashioned out of marshmallow, pretzels, and swedish fish.

Nick and Carolyn put a lot of effort into the party, and of all my birthdays ever, this is one of the top two. I can’t say it’s better or worse than my 21st birthday, but it was awesome.

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