I had a softball game today, and some interesting things happened that are worth noting. First, it was raining. It wasn’t enough to put us off, and it was just enough to keep us cool. In all, the rain was pleasant, though it did make handling the ball a little interesting.

Second, I was wearing a baseball cap. This is very atypical of me; I only have one cap and it’s too small. But it’s what I had, and I’d rather put up with the tightness than have drops collect on my scalp and tickle me as they collect and ooze down my skin. Sometimes it gets annoying having such short hair.

Third, we had a remarkable amount of team spirit throughout the game. Our team name is the Plutonium Pirates, so we were yelling Rrrrrrr!!! a lot. It was quite fun. We also played a good game. For a while we were up by 7. Then in the last two innings they made it all up and then some, so we ended up losing, but not by much.

I managed to score, but not without taking some damage. I was running home, and I probably shouldn’t have, because the ball got to the catcher way earlier than I expected. It was too late to turn around, so I just bullied right through him. I ended up very dirty, and likely will be bruised tomorrow, but the ball ended up outside of the catcher’s mitt, so I had successfully scored.

We have a new player, Julia, who joined this week. Unfortunately, the other team didn’t have enough females, so we loaned her out to them for the game. Well, the real unfortunate part is that I had to pitch to her. No, I’m wrong. There was nothing wrong with pitching to her. In fact, it was great. She’s not the kind of batter who waits for me to throw 15 times before finally getting a pitch she likes. That drives me nuts, and throws me off. No, she swung on the first pitch, which surprised the heck out of me because she said she hadn’t played since elementary school, and connected well, which surprised me even more, and hit it straight to me. And I caught it. Twice. So I guess the REAL unfortunate part was that I was responsible for getting her out twice. It was already odd that she was on the other team. And I had to get her out. Here’s hoping she won’t hold a grudge. I suspect, though, that she’s the kind of person who would hold a grudge if I had been soft on her.

Anyway, it was a pleasant game, and everybody was happy and friendly, and even though we lost we still had a good time.

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