Two great games

Monday I had one of my best disc golf games ever. At the end of the first nine I was at +4. Each of the holes is a par 3, so getting only 4 over is pretty good. The back nine was even better. I was +0 on the back nine. I got a birdie on the tenth hole, but screwed it up on the 11th hole, so overall I ended up at +4 on 18 holes. This is a personal best on this course, and also the first time I’ve ever gotten par on the 18th hole, which is probably 3 miles long and the water hazards have crocodiles.

The tonight was a softball game. The first time we played this team we lost, but this time we won. We played a good game. A couple innings we had a bunch of errors that let them get a few runs, but we were able to hold them off most of the time and score quite a bit. In the bottom of the last inning, the score was tied and we were up to bat. All we had to do was score 1 run. I was up to bat first. I made it on base. The next guy got me to second. Then the third person hit it into the outfield and I made it home, ending the game. We celebrated by dousing our coach in the ice water she brought for us. She then bought us drinks and wings. The softball season is almost over now. We have the tournament, and then we’re done. Our team did pretty well overall considering it’s a completely new team. At least we did better than some teams that have been established for years.

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