No shirt, no shoes, gross

This evening I was at the grocery store doing my routine shopping for food. WinCo is not home to the trendiest shoppers or the most beautiful people in the tri-cities, but I’m there for the food, which is also not the trendiest or most beautiful, but it is pretty cheap and is basically what I need.

I have nothing against large people. People are people, whether they’re tiny or gargantuan, and I’d like to think I treat everyone equally. However, there are things I’d rather not see, and the intricate details of one’s corpulence are among them; ESPECIALLY in a food store. It was 8:30 in the evening, and I still hadn’t had dinner. I was hungry until the father and son showed up. Dad looked like a tool with his cell phone headset firmly ensconced in his ear, though he wasn’t on the phone, and son obviously shared some of the same genes. Unfortunately for the store patrons, son, who looked to be about 10-13 years old, decided to share his fleshiness with the rest of the world by not wearing a shirt. Even worse, the pair was behind me in line, and I ended up bagging my groceries across from the son.

There are signs at the entrance of the establishment that say a shirt and shoes are necessary. I believe this is also a law and in general is good for public health. So how this person managed to get around the store without being intervened by the staff, and how the dad could overlook this are beyond me.

So now I wonder, are my feelings legitimate? Am I turning into a conservative and intolerant prick, or am I justified in thinking this was a bad thing that shouldn’t have happened?

For now, I think my solution will be to go to Safeway more, and go to WinCo even later at night.

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