Softball is over

We finished the tournament, so softball is now over. It was double elimination. We lost our first game on monday, but not by much. I made a stupid play that I’ll be paying for a while. I was on second. The ball got hit into the outfield. As I got to third, the third base coach told me to stop. But I saw that the ball was still in the outfield, so I figured I could make it. Well, they rocketed it to home, the guy at home caught it, and all I could do was slide and hope. Well, I paid dearly for not listening. Scrapes everywhere. And I got out. hrmph.

The second game we won. We had a lot of good plays and were pretty solid, though tired.

Tuesday was our third game, and we were to play a highly seeded team. The game went quickly. For the most part, the first few innings were 3 up and 3 down. One inning we managed to get 3 outs with a total of 4 pitches (the 3rd pitch was a ball). In the middle of the game, I pitched, the batter swung, a connection was made, and the ball zoomed straight at me. I tried to dodge it, but got hit squarely on the leg, just above my cleat. I heard the impact and felt the pain. The ball bounced towards first base, but not quickly enough to get an out. Play stopped then so that I could unleash a healthy stream of words of agony. I walked it off and was able to continue to play, but the mark and the bump were pretty much instantaneous.

My range of motion was severly limited for a few days on the foot. I could bend my foot downward more and more, but up hurt a lot. There was surprisingly no bruise, and I’m about normal now, though it still hurts to massage it. Needless to say, after the scrapes and the foot, I was a little relieved not to have to play anymore.

In all, I’m glad I played. It was a lot of fun, I met some people, and got to develop a skill.

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