Another Painful Cooking Experience

Today’s lesson is about cankersores. These are stress-induced sores on the inside of the mouth that are very painful. They are not bacterial or viral. After a few days, they will go away on their own. Since I have been under a lot of stress lately with the end of the fiscal year approaching at work and many pools of money rapidly drying up, these cankersores are no surprise.

More to the point, one should consider adjustments to one’s diet when changes in the body occur. Ideal diet brands differ by body types, body composition, DNA, and a bunch of other factors. Typically this means eating more when hungry, eating less when experiencing unwanted growth, or eating more citrus fruits when the legs start to bow with rickets.

Another important thing to note is that one should not compose a meal using highly acidic tomatoes when there are sores inside the mouth. ouch.

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