Update on patents

I just realized that I haven’t entered in my blog the third patent application this year. I signed the application a few months ago, and forgot about it, really. But I’m working on my contribution report for the year, and noticed it and thought I’d mention that I’m up to 3 now.

A while ago I submitted another invention report and after talking to the legal people they were interested, but when doing a patent search, we found a single line in a single patent that’s close, but seems more like an afterthought in their patent. Unfortunately, that was enough for our legal people to decide not to pursue anything, so I’m stuck at 3 for a while. Still, I’ll keep it up. I should pick a number and set that as a goal, but the hard part is picking the number. Do I set a low goal like 5, or go for the gusto and set a long-term goal of 25?

I think for now I’ll just do what I’m doing and let the patent applications happen when they do.

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