Good dinner, good workout, the New Year is starting off well

The New Year has been treating me well so far. Today I woke up before my alarm clock, showered, had time to make sausage and eggs for breakfast, and got to work before 7. This is in sharp contrast to the past few months, when I was snoozing for an extra hour and a half, skipping breakfast, and moseying in to work at 8:30. It was a productive day, too, with some great bits of code and no struggle to get to 9 hours. A coworker was feeling festive last week and wrote a poem in an email to describe the feature he had implemented, so I continued the tradition in an email today, and struggled to find something that rhymed with bitmap (ultimately I settled on mishap).

At home I made myself a nice dinner of elk steak from my grandpa, shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, and a spinach salad, accompanied by a glass of wine while I watched a Nova special on the Wright brothers. Then I went to work out for a bit.

Yes, things are off to a good start so far.

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