Tasty Elk

I was fortunate enough to acquire some elk from my grandpa during the holidays. Three t-bone steaks and some back strap, as well as some sausage and jerky. I wanted to do something good with it besides just eat it alone over a few days, so I invited six friends over. Only one had ever had elk before, so they were excited to give it a try.

For hors d’oeuvres I had a plate of five different cheeses, a plate of crackers, and a plate of elk sausage and elk jerky (and some pepperoni in case they didn’t like the elk).

The last person was arriving late, so we agreed to put off dinner until they made it, which was no problem because we had good conversation. I started the steaks in the oven under the broiler and right after they were done, when I said “it would be ideal if Carolyn showed up right now,” she walked in the door. It was perfect.

For dinner we had a salad, french bread, rice pilaf, scalloped potatoes made by Carolyn, wine from Bill and Lindsay, and the steaks. After dinner we munched on the cheeses and meats. Finally, I whipped up some cream to put on the pumpkin pie I had made earlier in the day.

In all, I was happy with the food, and especially happy that I got to share it with people who appreciated it.

The next day I brought the rest of the pumpkin pie to work and wandered the halls giving it to anyone who wanted a piece. The pie was really good, but I enjoyed giving it away more.

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