Second game of the softball tournament

We didn’t just lose tonight. We were embarrassed. I’ve never seen so many errors by our team. It was like we were in slow motion. We were crushed 16-2, with the game ending early because of the 10 run rule (after a certain inning if one team is ahead by more than 10 runs, the game is over). Every ball we hit was directly to them, every slow person on our team was an opportunity for a double play. We dropped every pop fly and fumbled all the grounders. They hit harder, threw faster, and caught more. We’ve never beat this team, but we came close once. This was just a massacre, and it felt awful. I did manage to get on base each time I was at bat, which is more than most of the team. I didn’t get a lot of defense action other than pitching because they hit the balls so far.

Our loss tonight puts us in the losing bracket, but since it’s double elimination we still have a chance. Tomorrow we have one, maybe two games. Ugh. It was horrible.

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