First softball game of the season

Today we had our first softball game of the season this evening. It started off great. We held them off for a few innings and scored some runs. My first at bat didn’t go well; I hit a line drive straight to second base. Later I did manage to get on base, then another time score. I did have one slick move at bat, though. The rover in the outfield was watching which way I was aiming and going to that part of the field. I caught him going a couple different directions as I moved, so I pointed one way, then as the pitcher threw I moved. The rover almost tripped over himself changing directions as I hit to the other part of the field. I caught a couple pop flies and did a good job pitching. Unfortunately, we had a really bad inning where they were able to get all the way around the lineup and then some. It was very frustrating watching them discover our holes in the field and hit right to them time after time.

In the end, we lost. But it was a fun game and everybody was joking, and we were having a good time with the other team. There weren’t any fights, and we all left happy. It was nice.

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