In The Paper

A few weeks ago I went to the Friday night ballroom dancing session at Club Paradise. I hadn’t been in a long time, but everyone there still remembered me, so it was ok. A photographer showed up and was on the dance floor taking many pictures of everyone dancing. Later she sat down and talked to us and got names and ages and told us what it was for.

It appeared in the Sunday paper, and a picture of me dancing with someone appeared as a thumbnail on the front page, but also prominently on the front page of a section. Here it is in all its glory. The article doesn’t mention me, but the photo caption does, (and the name is spelled right, too).

Over the past day I’ve been getting emails and text messages and people coming up to me. I’m not particularly proud of being in the paper; it’s not my first time, and I hope it won’t be my last. It’s definitely the largest picture of me that’s been in a paper, and probably the widest distribution, too. But the context isn’t really something I’m proud of. There is so much pressure around here to not be single that it’s hard to slough off the shame and embarrassment of it, and having my photo shown so big in the paper saying “hey, Bob’s single” doesn’t really help. Plus, it’s not the most flattering picture of me, and my form isn’t that good; I’m trying to figure out what move I’m in the middle of doing that would cause me to have my right hand up like that. I guess it’s not that important.

Maybe I’ll get over it and appreciate it soon, but for now I’m just feeling meh about it.



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