More Efficient Movies

I recently got a Playstation 3, partly for watching bluray movies, and partly for playing GTA4. It’s a great system for movies; starts up way faster than my HD-DVD player, better playback options, and my newest favorite playback feature: 1.5x. With 1.5x, the movie plays faster, but still with sound. The voices are still understandable, so I’m not really losing anything, and I can get through a 60 minute movie in 45 minutes. For particularly bad movies I can just bump it up to 10x and blaze through the bad parts. I just watched a horrible 97 minute movie in 50 minutes, and I don’t think I missed any details. I may be watching at 1.5x a lot in the future, but it worries me a little; if I get used to 1.5x, will that affect my attitude towards the speed of real life? Will I get frustrated when watching movies with others because it goes so slowly? Am I really capturing the essence of a movie by kicking it up a notch?

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