Mailbox Peak Update

A while ago we hiked up mailbox peak, where there was indeed a mailbox. I took the opportunity to test the postal system by posting two items: a letter addressed to myself and a netflix envelope containing a note and a blank cd. See my [[mailbox_peak|mailbox peak post]] for more. Upon returning from Chicago, I had two pieces of mail waiting for me.

The first was the letter I had sent myself. It had been postmarked from Seattle the 17th of June, just a couple days after I had put it in the 14th. It was a little worn, but still in good condition and unopened. I’m assuming someone took it and placed it in their own mailbox. To the person that did it, thanks!


The second one was far more interesting, though. Netflix has a strange process for returning cds that have been sent on accident. I had included my email address on the note inside the return envelope, which they used to access my account and get my address. They then printed a new sleeve with that address on it. They put the blank cd into that sleeve, and added a cut-out note. Oddly, this note has a grammar error in it, suggesting it hadn’t been thoroughly vetted by Netflix staff and isn’t used frequently. This then went into a slightly oversized envelope, and was stamped with a normal stamp. Further adding to the mystery, this envelope doesn’t have a postmark. How did it get through USPS without getting postmarked? Where did the envelope come from? The return address is Netflix’s main address, but not necessarily the address from which it was sent. It’s all very interesting, and it’s cool that Netflix went through all that effort to return the cd. It was blank, so I didn’t really need it back, and if Netflix is reading this, I’m sorry for costing you a few dollars for my experiment; you performed way beyond my expectations.


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