Firearm Tech – Are Smart Guns Even Realistic?

At frustratingly regular intervals, the debate around gun control crops up, and every time there is a discussion about smart guns. The general idea is to have a gun that will not fire unless authenticated and authorized. There’s usually a story about a young person who invents a smart controller and another company that is struggling because they just can’t get “Big Guns” to buy into the idea. We aren’t going to focus on the politics; we’re going to look at whether the technology is realistic, and why a lot of the news stories about new tech never pan out.

Read the full article at Hackaday: Firearm Tech – Are Smart Guns Even Realistic?

Note that I have another post on my personal blog only about this topic called My One Post on Gun Control. So I guess I’m a hypocrite. Or maybe it’s that this one was a post for a different outlet, so it doesn’t count? Whatever.