In January 2011 I left PNNL to start my own business. WYZGYZ (pronounced wise guys) is my newest baby. When I was in high school, my dream job was to work in a company where I could do research and build cool things, and I’d work in a company that would take care of me and leave me to do my work without having to go through the red tape. For a while I thought I had found that at PNNL. The red tape and bureaucracy quickly mounted, though, and the speed of projects infuriated, to the point I realized it couldn’t be the place I wanted.

WYZGYZ is about being nimble and well-rounded. We do a lot of things, and we do them because we enjoy them. We work on interesting and fun projects, and we try to get paid to do them. We get happy customers and we make good products.

I still have to deal with the red tape sometimes, but so far it hasn’t been holding me back. If anything, my new found freedom is overwhelming, and picking WHICH of my products to work on is a happy challenge to have.

Check out the WYZGYZ web site for more.