Double or nothing? Nah

I had another softball game today. If you haven’t read “I win beer” yet, go read that one first. Then continue on to the next paragraph.

After last week’s performance, as I step up to bat for the first time today I ask the coach if it’s a standing offer with a case of beer for every home run. Not wanting to sustain more losses, she refuses, but then says ‘double or nothing.’ A tempting idea indeed. If I hit another home run, I get two cases of beer. If I don’t hit a home run, I get nothing. I had intended to give the beer to the team anyway, so it wasn’t really a decision that was about me. Realizing the chances of getting a second consecutive home run were slim, I decided not to take the bet and stick with the single case.

I should have taken the bet. The pitcher was throwing all over the place, so it took a couple throws before I had one I liked. I swung, and it felt good. Straight over first base but closer than the right fielder. My favorite pocket of grass. I didn’t have to run as hard this time, and there wasn’t anybody trying to stop me at the home plate. It was a clean home run. Too bad there wasn’t anybody else on base for me to bring in, though. My home run was worth just one point.

It was a good game, and we emerged victorious in the end. Our first win. We have definitely been pulling together as a team. We had a couple double plays, some nice catches, good communication, great hits. The next time I was at bat I tried the same thing but ended up with a foul ball just outside of right field, so the outfield shifted to close up my hole. I had to change tactics, so I hit a line drive through the pitcher and got just a base run. They were on to me and my strategy, so I had to practice hitting to other areas of the field. I still get a little excited every time I look at where I want to hit the ball and then hit it exactly where I intend.

After the game we went out for celebratory drinks at the local bar. The rest of the season is going to be a lot of fun.

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