I feel like an old man when I move

These weeks of activity are taking their toll on my body. As I take stock of my parts, I realize that there are more that hurt than don’t. There’s the left ankle, which I believe may be sprained from bad cleats and twisting. I have remnants of a blood blister on a right toe. My big toenails are almost done growing back in after the skiing incident in November. The left shin is mostly healed, but still a little sensitive from an intersection with a softball. The backs of the knees hurt a lot when I move them after staying still for a while, and they really don’t like twisting. My hip joints don’t particularly like it after I run for a while. My elbows are scabbed from a collision in softball. I’ve got bruises on my hands and wrists from ultimate frisbee, and my left thumb just doesn’t feel normal after some pretty nasty catches of the softball.

Yes, I’m complaining, and I’m even considering seeking medical attention for the ankle and thumb. Last week I took it very easy with the sports in an attempt to recover, but I think it might take a while for some of these problems. Anyway, I’m still having fun doing all the things I do, so I’ll keep an eye on my anatomy and try not to do any permanent damage.

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