Back in the Game

Today I played my new best game of disc golf. On the front 9 I had +1, and on the back 9 I had +2, giving me a total of 3 over par. My goal for the end of the summer is to hit par for the course. I had a lot of opportunities for birdies that I botched, so I think it’s definitely possible for me to do it. I was still fantastically happy with my score today.

Right after the game, I went to Ultimate Frisbee practice. There was a tournament this weekend, so most of the normal crew wasn’t there. There were only 9 of us, so we set up a court for a different kind of game that is essentially the frisbee equivalent of half-court basketball. There is a square about 10 feet wide inside a square that is inside a bigger square that’s about 75 feet wide. The goal is to get the disc to your teammate in the center square. If there is a turnover, you have to take the disc outside the outer square before you can bring it back in. Of course, there is no travelling; you must only throw the disc, and you can’t stand in the inner square for more than 3 seconds. Today was really windy, so it made the game particularly challenging, but it was fun.

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