New best game – until I choked

Today I was rockin’ at disc golf. On the third hole I birdied thanks to an amazing drive that landed me within feet of the goal. On the sixth hole I birdied again, and this one was even more surprising because you can’t even see the hole until you’re right on it because it’s behind a bunch of trees. Somehow I managed to get it to the right side of the trees, and then it arced left at just the right time and landed under the basket. For the first nine holes I was at -1.

My luck continued and I kept hitting par with a couple missed birdies. On the fifteenth hole I managed to get another birdie and brought it down to -2. Then things started to get bad. On sixteen my drive broke left instead of right and my approach hit a tree, so I got +1 on that hole. Then disaster struck on hole seventeen where I destroyed any hope I had of getting par for the course with a dismal +3 on that hole, putting me at +2 overall. Eighteen was looking bad, too, when I hit a tree and really slowed down my drive. My second throw was even scarier, as it looked as if it had gone straight into the pond. Luck was with me, though, and I finished out the hole with +1, ending the course at +3. This is tied with my best score.

If it hadn’t been for that darn hole 17, I would have made par. I usually make par on that hole, so it was very odd for me to choke so badly there. Oh well. It was my best game to date, except for that hole.

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