I stayed in Richland the night of the 23rd, and then left on the 24th to go down to Corvallis to be with other family for Christmas. The night that I arrived was when all the gift-giving took place. We did a Secret Santa thing so that each person would get something they wanted and nobody would get left out or get a whole bunch of presents they didn’t want or need. I had asked for a donation to the Oregon State University Honors College and a bit of food for the stocking, and was happy that that was exactly what I got. Some wine that I like, homemade smoked salmon, and homemade fudge. It was great. I also enjoyed seeing everyone there.

The next morning was a Christmas for the cousin’s kids. They were fun to watch and play with. That evening we had a turkey dinner. On the 26th I headed back to Richland.

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