I play with fusion

As a resident of the Tri-Cities, I am close to the Hanford area and have access to a wide array of nuclear materials…

What a great way to start off a story, huh? What really happened was last night I did some ballroom dancing and decided to play around a little. The DJ was doing an absolutely horrible job (we heard the same song 4 times in an hour). I was getting tired of doing the same dance to the same song, so I decided to change things up a bit, and fortunately my partners were open to the idea and had fun, too. The idea was simple; at various times throughout a song I would just switch dance styles, sometimes letting them know in advance, and sometimes just springing it on them. We might start off doing a salsa, move into night club two step, slide into east coast swing, then hurry into the hustle, then migrate to the west coast swing, and then choose cha cha. Sometimes the transitions were flawless and looked great. Sometimes I picked the wrong part of the step to change styles, but it was a lot more fun than doing a single dance for a whole song. Plus, we could start to choreograph the dance styles to the music as it changed, moving away from night club two step when it got too fast, or into east coast swing when it got fast enough. I only got to do this with a couple of the ladies who danced with me, as they were good follows and could quickly adapt to different steps.

It’s definitely something to remember and work on in the future. It’s just too bad the ladies were old enough to be my mom (they were telling me about their kids in college).

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