A good softball game

Last night we had our second softball game. We were behind most of the game, but we had the last bat, and somehow managed to squeak ahead at the end. It was a good game. We made a lot of good plays and catches, my pitching was almost spot on, and I didn’t get hit with any line drives. A couple came really close to hitting me, and they would have been painful, but I think I’m done sacrificing my body just to make a play. Last week at practice I took a ball straight to my shin and I’ve got a bit of a bruise still and was limping for a day. It’s no fun, and not really worth it.

We were better about communicating, we had a good batting order and field positions, and we were good natured with the other team. That’s the way I like it. I would rather let them have an extra base than argue over the rules and sour the spirit of the game. I’m in this for fun; it doesn’t make sense to fight over the rules and get angry and get a bad reputation. I’ll just play the game, congratulate people on good plays, and if we win, that’s cool, too.

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