Sick This Week

I was sick this week. It happened right after I returned from Orlando. It ruined my Memorial Day weekend. While it was beautiful outside and the three day weekend beckoned, I was inside blowing and coughing and suffering miserably. I couldn’t think well enough to get anything done, so I succumbed to watching movies and some TV shows off the Internet and hoping that I wouldn’t die alone in the apartment because nobody was around when I collapsed my lungs coughing. On the third day things still hadn’t gotten better, so I missed half a day of work. The fourth day was barely better. I’m over the hump now, though. I’ve practically stopped coughing, my nose hasn’t been running incessantly and is now only occupying a fraction of my attentions, and the fog in my brain has lifted and I can think much faster and better now.

I think in the long run this sickness will be to my advantage because I should be fine by the time I leave for France, and I will have built up plenty of antibodies so I likely won’t be getting sick while I’m vacationing in Europe.

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