My Poor Phone

My first cell phone ever has become terminally ill. I’ve had it for a few weeks more than three years. It’s been a good phone; it has gone for thousands of miles and minutes, been in my pocket everywhere I go, gotten me out of tough spots, and served me well. Yesterday it went on its last journey with me. On the Corkscrew at Silverwood theme park near Coeur d’Alene it hit something and the front and inside screens cracked, rendering the displays completely useless. I could still make and receive phone calls, but it was impossible to text message, to see the time, to tell who I was calling, anything that required the displays, which was pretty much everything. I missed a call and couldn’t tell who it was that had called (so if it was you, I’m sorry. Please call me back.)

Today I went to the store and got a new phone. I’ll write about that when I’m sure I want to keep it. The phone number is the same (541-729-1053), and I’ve saved all my contacts, so if I had your number before, I have it now (though you can still call me if you want).

I’ll end this post with a picture of the phone that has served me so well. You can see the beautiful image the screen has become, though in its beauty it has lost its function.

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