Goin’ Down to Georgia

I finally got my tickets today. I leave for Georgia on Sunday for work, and I’ll be there two weeks. It’s really late notice because we’ve only just received the money, and couldn’t make travel plans without the money for the project.

I’m excited about this trip. The purpose is to work with the Air Force to develop software that will aid in their emergency response. We get to go down there and participate in their drills (that is, we get to ride with them in their firetrucks and ambulances and stuff) and talk to them to get an idea for the kinds of things they do and figure out how they could do it better and with more coordination. Within those two weeks we’ll also be writing all the software. It’s going to be very fast-paced and new and exciting, and we’ll be working directly with the people who will be using the software, which is very different from the normal research work that I do. Plus, it’s emergency response and disaster preparedness, so if it goes well we’ll be contributing to saving lives.

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