Busy Saturday and an Amazing Pie

I started early this morning at WSU Tri-Cities. I had volunteered to be a judge at the science bowl, and met Nick and Carolyn in the room where we were judging. For the first round I was tallying correct answers. The second round I was a scientific judge, which meant making sure the moderator read the questions right and recognizing the person who buzzed in. For the third round I went downstairs to go over the next round of questions with the other judges to make sure we were ok with the pronunciations. For the fourth round I was the moderator. And for the fifth round I was the science judge again. It wasn’t long; we were done by noon.

I had planned to go in to work, but it was so nice out that Nick and Carolyn had little difficulty convincing me to go hike Badger Mountain. I changed quickly and met them at the mountain. We hiked it fairly quickly and all had a pretty easy time of it. I haven’t hiked in a while, so I was surprised that I didn’t even breathe hard. The weather was perfect for the hike and we all had a nice time.

I drove in to work for a few hours and made some progress on one of my projects, then went back home to make a dessert for later. It was a peach pie, made entirely from scratch. I was on a tight schedule, so the minute it came out of the oven it went into my car and I was off to Nick and Carolyn’s house. They had barbecued some chicken, and it came out great. After dinner we started the movie War, with Jet Li.

Partway through the movie we cut into the pie, and I was very happy with the results. I was still warm, and cooked perfectly, and very tasty. I’ll definitely be doing that one again, and the recipe was pretty easy to follow.

War was an interesting movie, but I have to admit the last minute seemed to come from nowhere and try to set up a sequel in the most unconvincing manner possible and tie up some strange loose ends in ways that just didn’t seem right. Everything up to that last minute was good, though, and I was pleasantly surprised by the twist that got revealed towards the end.

Now I have half a pie in my kitchen, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be my breakfast, lunch, and dessert. In all, it was a good day.

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