Second Softball Game

Today was the second softball game of our work league. I left work at 4:30 so I had plenty of time to warm up, but quickly realized I had left my cleats at home and was wearing my dress shoes. Fortunately, home is only a 5-7 minute drive, so I was able to drive home, change in under a minute, and make it back to the field in plenty of time. Unfortunately, the other team took their sweet time about being ready, and we didn’t start until about 15 minutes late.

It was a good game. Beautiful weather, the other team was fun, we all had our new shirts fresh from the press, and while we did have a couple innings in the field where we were at two outs but they kept scoring, we also had a few innings where we piled on the runs to match. My first at bat I managed a home run. Each time after that I got on base as well and managed to score two more times. I had some good plays as pitcher as well. I’ve been working on a different way of throwing, and when I mixed it up it would throw the batters off. In the last inning the bases were full and there were two outs. The batter hit short and I ran forward, scooped it up, and in the same motion tagged the guy running home. In the end, we won the game, putting us at 1-1 so far for the season.

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