Periodic Table of Motion

A science museum needs interactive exhibits, and this is an exhibit that can easily be extended, is easy to setup and install, is robust and safe and easy to maintain. Exhibits can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, but this one can grow to any size budget but the top of the line is still under $4k. The idea is a periodic table of motion, where each cell, instead of an element, is a type of mechanical motion. Inside the cell is a description of the motion, a button to activate it, and an actual example of a working machine that uses the principle. Simple machines (lever, pulley, gear, etc.) are at the top of each column, and they increase in complexity. For an example of the variety of types of motions I want to capture and show off, seeĀ This project is very educational and interactive, and distills the basics of mechanics into individual and easy to understand concepts, building on them to show advanced motion mechanisms.

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